Change Log

Support Express Patches

Revision 18/10/18

Revision 18/09/28

Version 11.80 (18-Aug-2018)

BaKoMa TeX 11.80 releases features tested in versions 11.72 ... 11.78.

Most important improvements are:

Revision 18/08/18

Testing Versions

Version 11.78 (8-Aug-2018) TESTING

Revision 18/08/08

Version 11.77 (31-Jul-2018) TESTING

Revision 18/07/31

Version 11.75 (25-Jul-2018) TESTING

Revision 18/07/16

CTEX support.

Revision 18/07/09

Revision 18/07/07

Revision 18/07/05 (Windows)

Version 11.72 (2-Jul-2018) TESTING


Version 11.71 (12-Jun-2018)


Version 11.70 (6-Jun-2018)

BaKoMa TeX 11.70 supports import of more graphics files via \includegraphics

Windows MetaFile (WMF)

See details on the page: Import Windows Metafile (WMF) Graphics.

GnuPlot Graphics

See details on the page: Import and embedding GnuPlot Graphics.

Version 11.64 (28-May-2018)

Version 11.63 (15-May-2018)

Configuring Font Families dialog.

The Configuring Font Families dialog is improved in the following aspects:

Version 11.62 (28-Apr-2018)

Testing Versions

Version 11.61 (18-Apr-2018)

Revision 18/04/22

Improved Configuring Font Families

Revision 18/04/18

Version 11.60 (12-Apr-2018)

Improved use of TrueType fonts

Configuring Font Families...

The Configuring Font Families dialog is improved in the following aspects:

fontspec-etex: Emulation of fontspec for eTeX

BaKoMa TeX beginning from V 11.60 introduces fontspec-etex package,

which is emulation of fontspec package (main font selection under XeTeX and LuaTeX) for eTeX.

For details see: fontspec-etex

Improved dialogs

Support Express Patches

Revision 18/03/20 (Windows Only)

Revision 18/03/18 (ALL)

Version 11.55 (15-Mar-2018)

Main features


Export PostScript (Mac and Linux)

Mac autorealod.

Testing Versions

Version 11.54 (LINUX TEST VERSION) (14-Mar-2018)

There is test for linux.

Version 11.54 (TEST VERSION) (11-Mar-2018)

This test version includes several improvements to support of TIKZ externalize feature using by only BaKoMa TeX programs.

Version 11.53 (3-Mar-2018)

This version provides several improvements related with typesetting China/Japan hieroglyphs using CJK package.

Support Express Patches

New CD packaging (supports Windows, Mac, Linux).

Version 11.52 (22-Feb-2018)

Test Release of Linux version.

New Distribution format

Distribution format was changed from DEB/RPM to TAR.XZ archive.


Technical details

Support Express Patches

Revision 18/01/24 (Mac)

Version 11.51 (18-Jan-2018)

General improvement of Mac version.

It was build with completely new environment:

Positive consequencies:

Negatibve consequencies:

Improved many dialogs for better visual balance on Mac:

Support Express Patches (both Windows and Mac)

Revision 18/01/17

Revision 18/01/15

Revision 18/01/08

Version 11.50 (1-Jan-2018)

Integration with MetaPost

Now users can insert MetaPost graphics just using '\includegraphics{}'.

See details: Import MetaPost Graphics

Also, MetaPost is updated for version 2.0.
Under Windows, it is provided for both Win32 and Win64 architectures.

Improved handling run of external programs from TeXWord

Now users can enable, disable, and selectively enable external programs from Centaur and TeXWord.

See details: Shell Escape

Also, TeX and e-TeX are updated to support this improvement.

More improvements

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/11/20

Revision 17/10/27 (Linux)

Revision 17/10/07

Version 11.41 (1-Oct-2017)

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/09/19

Revision 17/09/12

Revision 17/09/05

Revision 17/08/30

Revision 17/08/18

Revision 17/08/16 (MacOS,Linux)

Version 11.40 (4-Aug-2017)

This version includes release of general LaTeX Update (Spring 2017) with hundreds macro and font packages.

It also includes fixes of TeX engine and other programs to handle LaTeX3 and other packages without problems.

Most of changes was tested in Summer of 2017 in test versions 11.36, 11.37, 11.38.

Support Express Patches

Version 11.38 Test (10-Jul-2017)

This version adds (In comparing with V 11.37) hundreds of new macro and font packages. We also fix a lot of problems.

This massive update may introduce a lot of collisions. In this reason we keep it in test state.

Support Express Patches

Version 11.37 Test (27-Jun-2017)

This version includes general update of LaTeX and many packages to recent state (on June 2017).

This massive update may introduce a lot of collisions between updated packages. In this reason we keep it in test state.

General Update of LaTeX with packages

This version includes general package update more then 500 latex packages was updated to last recent version on June 2017.

This dramatical update may raise some package collisions.

In this reason we keep this version under Test.


Support Express Patches

Revision 17/06/16

Mac and Linux versions based on Win 11.35.

Version 11.35 (30-May-2017)

Version 11.32 (30-Apr-2017)

Windows 10 Optimization

Main improvement is support of process private fonts.

This way can be handled in
'Options / Common Settings / Font Cache / Font Management Approach'

There are following options:

Using option (3) under Windows 10 speeds up starting of symbol panels and Page Window.
Also, it avoids hanging at exiting last program as was with using option (2).

This option is replacement for check box:
Disactivate cached fonts after exiting last BaKoMa TeX program.
Unchecked was the same as (1), checked was the same as (2).

Hot Fixes

Version 11.31 (12-Apr-2017)

Adapting more Dialogs ...

In progress:

Synchronization with modification by another program

There is new TeXWord option:

Options / Editing Settings / AutoSave
Moving the caret to first modification of reloaded file.

This option controls positionning in source window after reload of changed file.
Take into attention that positionning of page window is controlled by Synchronization range (V 11.30).
Use these options together to get desired approach.

This option may be used not only with Centaur, but also with other editors.
You must only customize them to save editing file periodically.

More Changes ...

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/03/21

Version 11.30 (17-Mar-2017)

Synchronization range ...

Main improvement in V 11.30 is:

Controllable range of synchronization of the page with moves in the source.

Options / Editing Settings / General
Synchronization range of the Page with moves in the Source
There are following options:

Automatical synchronization algorithm is much more euristic then version called by View/Sync (F6) command.

This algorithm try to avoid long recomputations. However, when this algorithm failed you can improve synchronization by clicking F6.

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/03/12

Revision 17/03/10

Revision 17/03/02

Revision 17/03/01

Revision 17/02/27

Version 11.23 (23-Feb-2017)

Adapting more Dialogs ...

More dialogs adapted:

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/02/14

Revision 17/02/11

Revision 17/02/10

Version 11.22 (2-Feb-2017)

Ultra HD (4K) displays (Windows)

Next components are improved for better appearance on UHD (4K) display:

Windows 10 adaptation

Locked installing BaKoMa TeX into folder with spaces.

Such installation ofen raise problem for running programs from each other under Windows 10 (shortfilename problem).

Linux Test Version (29-Jan-2017)

There is Published Linux Test version.

Support Express Patches

Revision 17/01/30

Revision 17/01/27

Revision 17/01/11

Revision 17/01/06

Version 11.21 (31-Dec-2016)

Ultra HD (4K) displays (Windows)

Next components are improved for better appearance on UHD (4K) display:

Line numbers ...

Long dreamed request (slightly more then 4 years :) is now implemented:

Adapting more Dialogs ...

Now adapted all dialogs from Options menu in Centaur and TeXWord.

Add/Update more LaTeX packages


Support Express Patches

Revison 161130 (Mac)

Version 11.20 (16-Nov-2016)

Support for Ultra HD displays (Windows)

Actions related with UHD support:

Adapting more Dialogs to Tablets

Update LaTeX packages

General Update of LaTeX packages. There are 98 updated packages and 147 new packages

Implemented Feature Requests

Fixed bugs

Version 11.16 (16-Oct-2016)

Source Bookmarks

There are new commands. They select text between current caret position and specified bookmark.

Bookmark key binding summary:

Running LaTeXDiff has been improved

Handling of error appeared at latexdiff has been improved

Fixed bugs

Version 11.15 (9-Sep-2016)

Drag and Drop Files (Windows)

Support for dropped files (for example: from Windows Explorer).

Adapting Dialogs to Tablets

Dialogs in BaKoMa TeX 11.15 have been refined to be more suitable for small screens and even tablets.

List of adapted dialogs:

More improved dialogs:

Update LaTeX packages

Fixed bugs

Version 11.10 (16-Jan-2016)

Support Express Patches

Revision 16/01/03

Version 11.05 (5-Dec-2015)

Version 11.01 (9-Sep-2015)

Version 11.0 (1-Sep-2015)

Opening Plain TeX and AmsTeX Documents in TeXWord

BaKoMa TeX Word now can edit Plain TeX and AmsTeX documents.

For details see: Opening Plain TeX and Ams-TeX documents in TeXWord.

PDF Import

Import of PDF now supports Cross-Reference Streams and Object Streams (compressed objects) introduced in PDF 1.5

In previous versions of BaKoMa TeX such files was claimed by diagnostic: "'xref' not found in PDF file".

User Interface

Improved Dialogs

Source Bookmarks

Source bookmarks are now available under TeXWord.

They are synchronized between TeXCode and TeXWord together with file synchroniztion.

Bookmarks may be managed from context menu appeared at clicking on left margin of source code.

Changed Bookmark Key binding

Key binding of bookmark commands has been changed as following:


New Keys

Old Keys

Define bookmark #

Shift+Ctrl+1 ... Shift+Ctrl+9

Ctrl+1 ... Ctrl+9

Find bookmark #

Ctrl+1 ... Ctrl+9

Alt+1 ... Alt+9

Undefine Bookmark:



ManageBookmarks ...



Bookmark shortcuts has been changed to avoid collisions with Alt+0 ... Alt+9 keys under Mac OS.
Alt+numbers are actual in national keyboards under Mac (i.e. german keyboard uses Alt+4, Alt+5, to insert [ and ]).
Remapping rule in short form looks like: In short: Alt+... -> Ctrl+... ; Ctrl+... -> Shift+Ctrl+...

More Improvements

Windows 10

BaKoMa TeX 10.81 (recent version of BaKoMa TeX when Windows 10 has been released)

works under Windows 10 without noticeable problems.

However, most of our tests of BaKoMa TeX with Windows 10 was done with version 11.0.

So we declare that BaKoMa TeX 11.0 is well suitable for Windows 10.