How to install new document class in BaKoMa TeX?

Installing new LaTeX classes/styles may be done in 2-3 simple steps:

How to edit german, french, spanish, polish, ... documents in TeXWord?

To edit european language documents in TeXWord you should carefully set some parameters. When you create new document from template, these parameters are set properly. However, manually created documents may have not ideal parameters.

Font Encoding: european languages should be prepared with fonts in T1 encoding. Check it! Insert \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} into document preamble. When such document is edited in TeXWord font encoding should be set properly in dialog 'Options/TeX Running parameters' - 'Internal TeX Encoding'. Modern versions of TeXWord check this parameter automatically and suggest user to change it properly.

Input Encoding: choose proper input encoding in 'Options/TeX Running parameters'.

NOTE: All central european (matched CP1250) languages, and two western languages (german, french) require using inputenc or TCX.

Using inputenc:




% Note: Options/TeX Running Parameters ...

%       Document Input Encoding = CP1252

%       Internal TeX Encoding = T1

%   [ ] Perform Conversion between Input and Internal (TCX OFF)

Using TCX:



% Note: Options/TeX Running Parameters ...

%       Document Input Encoding = CP1252

%       Internal TeX Encoding = T1

%   [X] Perform Conversion between Input and Internal (TCX ON)

How to see the Document Outline (Table of Contents) at left?

Use hyperref package. Insert into document preamble (in source window) '\usepackage{hyperref]' and then click 'View/Refresh' (F5) command to build document outline. 

Where is 'File/Save As ...' command in TeXWord?

TeXWord do not support 'Save As' command for entire LaTeX document, because of multi-file nature of LaTeX documents. However, you can save any source file under another name by using 'Save As' command available in source window context menu (To see it click right mouse button in source window).

Why 'File/Save All' menu command of TeXWord do not save LOG file?

TeXWord saves only completed (closed by TeX) files. However, LOG file is never closed by TeX engine running under TeXWord. In this reason saving LOG file from under TeXWord is impossible.

So, to generate LOG file you should run TeX from Centaur or the command line.

Why does the vertical scrollbar scroll the page but not the entire document?

This is because TeXword doesn't know number of pages in your document. TeXWord does not process the entire document. 

Typically, the document is processed only up to the visible page. This approach increases the performance of editing a LaTeX document.

How to improve TeXWord responsivity?

In some cases TeXWord may have a long delay between "click and view". There are two main cases of this slow down.

In the first case, I can suggest only to buy a more modern computer or edit such pages by using the Centaur text editor.

For second case, I have several efficient recommendations to improve response.

Improving Text Appearance in TeXWord and DVIEW

Eventually some users see that text displayed in TeXWord proof/preview/wysiwyg and in DVIEW look ugly (letter shapes have visible steps, like to magnified raster).

It is important to understand that BaKoMa TeX includes Type1/TrueType/OpenType fonts and ask Windows system to render them. In this reason font quality depends on settings applied to your windows system. Letters with visible steps - is result of disabled grayscaling feature of font renderer.

So, to solve the problem you should enable grayscaling:

Also, Windows disables grayscaling at small font size (which depends on Windows version). In this case we recommend just to zoom in your text slightly to size when grayscaling will be enabled.