Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/VISTA/XP

BaKoMa TeX 11.80 (18-Aug-2018)

Installation Package

Revision: 18/10/18
Download: 55 MB
Install: 180 − 200 MB

BaKoMa TeX 11.80 Setup installs most useful components of BaKoMa TeX and LaTeX.

Just click the [Download] button to download and install BaKoMa TeX. Much more additional packages will be downloaded from our servers and added to your installation when they are required by your documents. Read more about this version.

To install BaKoMa TeX just click on the [Download] link, wait for download completion, and open the downloaded exe-file.


64 bit binaries

BaKoMa TeX beginning from version 10.50 includes binaries for Win32 and Win64.